Wave when the Lynx flagship store ex-gratia to his father, "clothing" ceremony

Father's Day is coming soon, waves than men's "dad" gas full of tribute to the father's love! Lynx flagship store discount fold, from now until June 16, the audience over 388 yuan 包邮 (only STO), over 500 by 50, over 1000 by 100, over 488 yuan to send socks, full 880 yuan Send underwear (one hundred yuan of goods do not participate in activities), hurry to buy a few pieces for the father now! The following small series for you to recommend several. Business dad must be suitable for this short-sleeved shirt. Enduring handsome pinstripe design, so that a more stringent of the shirt a little more free and easy temperament, has a unique sense of fashion vitality, bring the summer atmosphere. Mature and steady, to create a handsome gentleman temperament. Silk material with the standard cutting version of type, bringing cool refreshing, is the father of the summer with a single product. If you want to dad to change the course, turned fashion tide dad, then you can not miss this striped shirt. Different thickness stitching collocation with simple design exudes a unique fashion charm, shoulder button design adds a sense of fashion. Instant dad to age.

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