Jintai embroidery: a traditional Chinese handmade embroidery silk pajamas brand

People who understand life and who enjoy it all choose " Jintai Embroidery ", a luxury brand of silk pajamas from traditional Chinese handmade embroidery, designed for high-spending groups who love life, pursue quality of life, and love Chinese traditional crafts.


Jintai embroidery has an international design team and the trend of the design concept, the best apparel designer, the terminal image designer, crafts division located in Italy, Shanghai, Zhejiang, for the development of new products, new technology into the forefront Fashion, feedback the latest fabric information, condensed wisdom style changes.


Although the country's best-selling silk pajamas brand "Golden Taiwan embroidery" has hundreds of shops, although it has become the preferred brand of clothing franchisees , but has always been based on advanced design, the global market trend-oriented and efficient Production, strict quality management guidelines, and constantly open up new sales and marketing base.

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