Li Si fashion 2013 autumn and winter orders will be concluded successfully

Korea Li Si Fashion 2013 autumn and winter orders will be over, the order will be exhibited in a total of more than 450 bands in 13 bands, from design to production to meet the second half sales demand, customer satisfaction rate of 90%. After the meeting, Li Sisi also held a thank-you party for the entire staff and invited the Tibetan celestial teacher Qu Hua Dorjee Rinpoche and Hong Kong movie stars to join the party. This brought a joyous atmosphere to the party.


Shenzhen Li Si Fashion Design Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based wholly owned garment enterprises Yonghua Group, the company operating processes to international standards and efficiency as the core, from design, production, sales, to the network every detail, Li Si companies are full and efficient Operation. Since its inception in 2004, Li Si company has been to create the classic quality of Korean women as the goal, Li Si women's casual and classic interpretation of the era of women's self and aesthetic.


In the market operation, Li Si company after years of market practice, the formation of a set of perfect operating philosophy, will be broad and deep Buddhism into the concept of market management, pursuing a "business cooperation, the Italian Youdao" business philosophy.


Detailed investigation of the market and subdivision management, deployment of flexible and swift resources. Li Si brand women to join the franchise market model to form a "win-win" market competition mechanism for the layout of the future global brand to create a healthy framework.

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