COLOVE Ka Lao "My City" City 1000 square meters strong flagship store settled in Hangzhou

Congratulations Nali's clothing - light Italian luxury brand COLOVE Kara Buddha "My City" City flagship store of 1,000 square meters CHINA strong settled 277 Queen's Park, Hangzhou Wulin Road! To create a modern landmark, guests are welcome to visit the perception of fashion caravan journey!

卡拉佛 - colove

COLOVE (Ka Laver) brand is the second fashion brand Na Li International Fashion Group launched after the fashion ladies Patina. Brand positioning in the high-end boutique women, continued from the International Milan Italy aristocratic palace essence of culture, and into the Eastern culture implication. Very popular with the classical elegance and romantic fashion vivid blend together, giving a strong visual impact. Fashion overall design emphasizes fashion without publicity, romantic without losing the charm, the designer with a unique femininity and romantic love, will COLOVE love is the eternal style of the beautiful!

COLOVE卡拉佛"My City"之城1000平米旗舰店强势入驻杭州

COLOVE卡拉佛"My City"之城1000平米旗舰店强势入驻杭州

COLOVE (Kala Buddha) elegant charm, fashion, women are gentle, will be revealed in front of us on this day. COLOVE, angel of love, the transmitter of love; not the same stage, not the same interpretation, tell us that love is eternal. The audience will bring you one after another surprise, believe my eyes, this is COLOVE, this is the forefront of Milan.

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