Wearing a wig wearing a camouflage to take an ink brush…

At eight or nine o'clock in the evening, in a smokey and smoky casino, he suddenly rushed into 20 hand-held devices, wearing wigs , wearing camouflage uniforms, and smashing the scorpion-shaped man who had disguised his face with ink and colored pencils. The Jinning Court made a judgment on the ......Reading more

Need six steps to teach you accurate sales calls

[China Glass Network] Telephone communication is to judge each other's psychological activities through the other party's voice, tone, speed of speech, language. Face-to-face communication makes it easier to judge the psychological activities through the other person&# ......Reading more

60's resurgence straight miniskirt is popular

Lead: The exaggerated and leaping fashion style of the 1960s was reinterpreted in the spring and summer of 2012. At the time, the straight miniskirts made by MaryQuant and YSL were reinterpreted by designers this season. The exaggerated and leaping fashion style of the 1960s was reinterpreted in t ......Reading more

Golden Sun: Classification and characteristics of silk

Many people are easy to mark silk and satin. In fact, silk clothes and products are uniformly marked as 100% SILK, but there are many kinds, and each texture and effect are different. Golden Sun fabric experts introduce the common silk fabric varieties, such as double 绉, heavy 绉, ä ......Reading more

Duomera brand home service "leap" 2012 autumn…

Dumela brand home service "leap" 2012 autumn and winter new conference ended successfully! Shantou City, Guangdong Province, more Latin America Garment Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in the brand home service design, production and marketing of modern enterprises, was born in 2002, pr ......Reading more

Japan love Si De jewelry landing in China's first s…

Few women in this world do not like jewelry. From the gigantic "Pigeon Egg" in Hollywood's actress to the elegant Silver Ring of the light woman in Anne Baby's note, women always find the one touching themselves in a clear or dark luster. For this complex, even literary Shakespear ......Reading more