Poterie Tao brand women's autumn 2013 new conference

Poterie Tao women's 2013 autumn and winter new conference gorgeous bloom, fantastic catwalk scene, beautiful models dressed in ceramic brand autumn and winter new products for the majority of dealers presented a magnificent visual feast.


Fashion has always been no shortage of upstart, art and business can also be accompanied by health. Supermodel dressed in Chinese costumes, T station elegant display Poterie Tao brand clothing charm, a top visual experience this slowly kicked off.


Poterie Tao brand women's dress at the show will be displayed in 2013 the latest autumn and winter fashion new, for you to pass the latest and trendiest women's fashion information. With a unique style of dress design, creative color, exquisite tailoring process to create a natural comfortable, simple and stylish personality ladies. In order to provide consumers more choice of higher quality.


Material is the first step to ensure quality. Poterie Tao are imported fabric, which uses the fiber 40 times thinner than the average fiber, so heavy autumn and winter clothing lighter, softer, wearing more comfortable, imported Nordic goose down, warmth higher.


Poterie Tao brand new women's clothing conference is a dynamic from the static, from the visual to the audio of the full range of experience, Poterie Tao brand women's hope and we can multi-dimensional, close communication and interaction, together fashion sense of fashion brought us The wonderful experience, listening to clothing and inspirational dialogue, the color of the dream lit.

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