Mori clothing into the disabled school love painted colorful childhood

Childhood is a poem, full of fantasy and longing; childhood is a picture, immature brush depicting the eyes of the multi-world. On June 6, 2013, MODI volunteers came to Spiritual Disabled School with colorful brushes and painted cute creatures in nature together with their children to create a colorful childhood! Committed to leading the trend of women's fashion and casual wear Guangzhou City Lifestyle Clothing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, the Association of Hong Kong Morindaurus International Group; is a design, production and sales in one of the modern clothing business. Group to "JECCI FIVE" and "Original Version" referred to as "OV" as the core brand. With "JECCI FIVE" as the core brand, the company insists on the development concept of "pragmatic, honest, service and win-win" since its establishment, and has stood out in the fierce market competition and entered a benign orbit of rapid growth. Companies in the country established a sound marketing network, has now formed a Direct, franchisee two backbone terminal channels to provide consumers with the perfect product, perfect service support, sales outlets throughout mainland China.

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