EZAN a ladies clothing analysis of the fall and winter 2013 women's fashion color trends

When it reached midsummer, the major fashion brand new autumn and winter 2013 conference also came to an end. For fashion lovers, in the major women's autumn and winter 2013 new products are popular colors are what they are very concerned about the topic! EZAN a Ran brand women, the representative of the fashion women's brand, for today we sum up the popular trend analysis of women's fashion in 2013, feel the fall and winter colors feast in advance, cartoon autumn and winter fashion!

Autumn and winter seasons, the weather turns cold, the public urgently needed warm to keep warm, including the color visual effects clothing. At the same time, warm colors, but also more direct expression of people's beautiful life expectancy. Whether it is a warm festive classic red, wild sexy pink, bright red metal, or warm and comfortable pink, can light a new chapter in life!

Autumn and winter 2013-2014, in warm colors, tomato red, scarlet, wine color, red orange is the highlight of the warm colors. Bright red tomato red to create a passionate women's style; scarlet became another addition to the popular red tomato red color; classic wine color to add retro charm; vibrant red orange is still citrus The key to the color of fruit. A group of full of warmth, a strong natural style of color plates, bringing people from head to toe superiority and freshness.

In addition, in 2013-2014, people sought to maintain the normal state of daily life, manifested in the clothing is mainly reflected in the color toward health, close to the natural direction. Therefore, the warm color clothing will change with the body temperature showing a different kind of color

Dare to hit color

Color in this autumn and winter in the main show a light, elegant features, and bold hit color, large area smudge can find a different way of wearing dress. Different from the dullness or continuity of the previous seasons, the autumn-winter 2013-2014 will give us a strong seasonal trend-oriented direction. Of particular note is the optimism, help, and other traumatic spirit that runs through them.

Bold hit color is not only reflected in the strong monochrome, but also more in the mix and match: different colors in a bumpy way combined, but created a perfect whole. In this year's Hercynian Fashion Week, the hot pink and bright red color is bold or vivid stripes are combined together.

In the autumn and winter season suitable for travel, about freedom, uninhibited dreams of stalking imminent! In a dynamic group of dynamic colors, in the colorful cascade of colors, the more daring, the more charming! According to forecasts, by 2014, more and more use will hit the color, showing more and more bold in the popular use of color.

Low carbon wave

"Low-carbon life" as a way of life, first from abroad, and now this way of life has quietly walked into China. In popular colors, now pay more attention to "carbon economy", mainly in the color closer to the most basic material color, such as paper, wood, stone and other colors. This material color rendering will have a "through" feeling.

Low-carbon and fashion no conflict. In the past, people lived a thrifty, unprofitable life, a symbiosis of flora and fauna - a mesmerizing green dream and a wonderful novelty that made urbanites tired of the fast, decadent lifestyles now in existence. Into some utopian ecological adventure in life, re-examine the relationship between mankind and nature. For this reason, we must change the concept of science and technology that dominates nature so that it can be adapted to the needs of nature and society so that mankind can continue to survive in nature and create a new urban form. Performance in the clothing color is based on the theme of low-carbon with the basic colors for relaxed casual dress provides a new aesthetic, taking into account the fun and environmental responsibility, and continue to remind people that modern industrial production is to sacrifice the future for the price , Awaken people's low-carbon concept.

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