Chen Xiao, Sun Yimun led the new generation of idol indu Modeling plus men's trendy fan

Idol entertainment crowd overwhelmed, there is a strong wave of waves before pushing the momentum. - As the oldest group of idols seek transformation, a new generation of idol actors are quietly seizing the viewer's heart through the screen. To fashion high standards and strict requirements created by the idol stars are all fashion leader, red carpet is not a actress's patent, the male artist's fashion topic battle will inevitably colorful. "Proud of rivers and lakes," the feminine Lin Ping and "Lu Zhen legend" infatuated perfect Gao Zhan audiences remember the "Chen Xiao" name, he also boarded the Baidu search Billboard actor list, Vlinkage artist New Media Index tops, and was invited to board the "Happy Camp" stage, a time of popularity, but said to be the leader of the new generation of male idol. Chen Xiao not only has a handsome face, as well as a tough posture, any clothing worn on his body can highlight the different fashion sense, some time ago in the "Happy Camp" dressed indu yellowme dressed in a bright yellow suit on So numerous audiences amazing. A blend of silk cotton fabric, so that this suit itself with a natural sense of luster. If you also have such a suit, then, it is very suitable for the night travel wear. Natural feeling of leisure, it's clubbing, PARTY's good choice. Of course, the tie will not, shoes have to choose casual style as well. In the recent TV series of family drama and mystical drama, "Hunting", a perfect combination of many new generation actors and the positive energy story of the War of Resistance Against Japan, took the form of a dark horse to stand out and won praise and support from many fans . The play's first villain, Sun Yat-ming Yamamoto, also became a bright spot, the perfect interpretation of the role, its unspeakable love of Anna and hegemony, but also many young girls excited. Height 185cm of Sun Yimu has a unique shape conditions and fashion sense, in the soon-to-be-broadcast giant idol "city lover", Sun Yimu played Cui Zhiyou's brother Liao Zekai, and Zhang Jiali heartbreak love story. Liao Zekai as a wealthy son, often inevitable is Merry 倜 傥 Yushu Ling-feng, it is learned that the shape of the Hong Kong fashion brand indu homme full build. Therefore, "City Lovers" is not only a transnational love drama, but also a gathering of top fashion trend feast. indu homme was founded in 1997, Hong Kong's cutting-edge fashion designer brand, with European and American fashion concept with the Asian aesthetic point of view, strive to create a new urban fashion men's dress Kingdom. It is a fairy tale on men's magic tailoring men's clothing brand, distinctive design style, tailored unique style, is a symbol of the aesthetically pleasing avant-garde art. 2013indu homme summer new to rebellious candy and urban storm two themes to focus on the rare color with the designer's tailoring magic damage, showing the rebellion of the new social genius and urban-type new men's storm, the unique definition of extraordinary cast taste, Look forward to better coming in every season.



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