Jiali Women summer new romantic French feel

Jia honey women brand positioning in the 18 to 28-year-old young and energetic women, keeping up with the latest trends in the world. Draw on the latest trends in the four major international show field into the essence of product design, flawless details of the pursuit and the positive effect of a single unit with the design style to fashion, simplicity, fashion, personality-based tune, the popular wild style performance Extremely dripping. In this summer, Kerry Women bring you to feel the French romantic!


Simple and generous H word skirt, the pursuit of the ultimate design of the clear. A touch of blue to convey the inherent beauty of women's beautiful. Waist apart elsewhere ingenuity to use bee waist skirt elements to splicing silk fabric to form a natural sense of the drape, irregular beveled edges even more fashion. Not only reached the role of tightening the waist, but also cleverly hide the small belly.

嘉蜜女装夏日新品 感受浪漫法式风情

Pink H-skirt, the use of a large number of chiffon and lace elements to create a romantic taste. Mustard green lace print skirt spliced ​​on the shoulder nude color effect of perspective net yarn, showing a small sexy, the same waist waist beggar elements, the difference is that the layered way to enhance the sense of hierarchy, a little embellishment Has become ingenious design.


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