Cashmere prices rose faster Urumqi shopping cashmere sweater counter "shrink"

“Oh, how are there fewer and fewer cashmere sweaters in shopping malls?” Xiaojie, who lives in the Customs House of the Beijing South Road Customs House, wanted to buy a cashmere sweater for himself. After visiting Chenou Famous Square and Taibai Shopping Mall, he found that Hard cashmere sweater figure.

On November 15th, with the arrival of a new round of snowfall and cooling weather, the capital cashmere sweater market began to be hot. The owner of a cashmere sweater shop in Wuyi Art Road introduced her that the price of cashmere sweaters in her shop was from 200 to 1,500 yuan. And so on, this is a medium price in ordinary stores. At present, due to the cooler weather, many customers come to buy cashmere sweaters.

The staff of Chenye Shopping Plaza and Taibai told reporters that there were cashmere sweater sales counters in the mall for the first two years, but at the moment, these counters are slowly disappearing. The main reason for the disappearance of cashmere sweater counters is that some people are not buying prices for cashmere sweaters.

According to a person in charge of Taibai Shopping, three years ago, the prices of cashmere sweaters were relatively low, at more than 1,000 yuan each. In the past two years, the price of cashmere sweaters has been rising. The price of a branded cashmere sweater is more than 2,000 yuan, which is comparable to the price of a down jacket. The high price places some consumers’ desires for purchase out of the “gate” and sales are difficult to improve. In the past year or so, some shopping malls have transferred their previous cashmere sweater sales counters to other brands during brand adjustments. clothing.

While cashmere sweaters are in an unstable position in shopping malls, sales in other locations in Urumqi are not optimistic. In the cashmere sweater weaving shop on many bustling roads such as Jiefangbei Road, Youth Road, and Daximen Street, the operators unanimously said: “There are fewer tourists than in previous years.” The reason is mainly because the price of cashmere sweaters has increased, making some consumption. Can only give up the purchase plan.

At present, in some cashmere sweater weaving stores, cashmere prices increased by more than 100 yuan per kilogram over the same period last year. In a large Ximen cashmere sweater weaving shop last year, the cashmere price was 1,200 yuan per kilogram, this year has risen to 1300 yuan; labor costs last year was 50 yuan each, this year has been adjusted to 60 yuan. Assuming weaving a cashmere sweater with a material of about 500 grams, the total charge last year was about 650 yuan, and this year it was 710 yuan, and the cost increased by about 60 yuan.

“The higher prices of cashmere sweaters is a frustrating move.” The relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region Textile Office explained that “the price of raw cashmere from RMB 700,000 to 800,000 per ton is now a normal price, which was RMB 300,000 per ton a few years ago. The price of cashmere raw materials up to 400,000 yuan has already become a legend. As early as this summer, cashmere raw materials have already reached a price of 1 million yuan per ton."

It is reported that cashmere prices continued to decline in the past few years because of the sharp drop in demand in the international market caused by the financial crisis. Many herdsmen hand-held large amounts of cashmere were not purchased, resulting in the slaughtering of cashmere goats in the main producing areas of Alashan, Ordos, and Chifeng in Inner Mongolia. The output of raw cashmere in Inner Mongolia was reduced by about 30% from a few years ago. However, in the past two years, the overseas market has picked up. As orders have increased, the demand for cashmere raw materials has increased, resulting in a rise in domestic cashmere prices.

Xiao Jie believes that compared to down jackets, cashmere sweaters are not essential to keep warm, in the face of rapid price increases in cashmere sweaters, some consumers will choose not to buy or delay purchases.

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