Swiss and Philippine women advocate the natural health charm

Ruihe Fei Ma apparel company was born in 1997, adhering to the French tradition of fashion design, the French garment industry to inherit the strict process requirements, combined with the modern popular Chinese and foreign fashion elements, the Hong Kong professional fashion designer presided over the design and quality supervision, the use of First-class quality fabrics, fine crafts perfect harmony in the "Swiss and Philippine". The simple, purely Hong Kong style, vibrant vitality, respect for natural health and charm, coupled with your charming, dignified, stylish and noble, form an intoxicating landscape.

瑞和菲玛 - phoebe

瑞和菲玛女装 崇尚自然的健康魅力

瑞和菲玛女装 崇尚自然的健康魅力

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