Christmas gift domestic sales force

“Christmas exports are generally completed at the end of October, and the basic domestic sales in November.” Feng Manager of Shenzhen Shubaiye Plastic Gift Co., Ltd. said that in November, the market has begun to lively, and many buyers personally went to the factory to see the goods. With the increasing popularity of Western festivals in China, many Christmas products companies in Shenzhen are optimistic about the domestic market and implement the double-line development of the domestic and foreign markets.

The company where Feng's manager is located has been turning to the domestic market since 2009. Another reporter at the Sungang Gift Wholesale Center saw many citizens holding lists to bargain with businesses. A 1.2-meter pine needle Christmas tree is priced at 65 yuan, and an elk that is about 1 meter high and made of fiberglass is priced at 1,200 yuan. "At least domestic sales are less affected by exchange rates," said Li Yiming. The company now has 20% of its domestic market, and its share is gradually expanding.

A shopkeeper who specializes in Christmas bells introduced that “there were only a few purchases at this time of last year. This year, the sales of big orders have already gone out of four or five, and they are all over ten thousand yuan.” Compared to the same period of last year, this year’s domestic sales. Obviously improved.

In the interview, many shopkeepers stated that there were more people buying Christmas decorations this year. Some families also organize parties at Christmas. Therefore, the enthusiasm of citizens to purchase Christmas decorations to decorate their living rooms is high, especially in some hotels and entertainment venues. Some of them buy tens of thousands of yuan worth of goods.

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