Playboy Group want to enter the Chinese Bonnie rabbit welcome rabbit year

花花公子集团欲进军中国 邦尼兔迎兔年

As optimistic about the spending power in the Asian market, the U.S. Playboy Group, which owns the famous adult magazine Playboy, has started to aggressively expand its business in this region, especially in China. Last month, Playboy Club was set up in Macau. Analysts said that this will make the group year after year losses have been reversed.

花花公子集团欲进军中国 邦尼兔迎兔年

Playboy Macao club opened, 18 bunnos came to help out.

花花公子集团欲进军中国 邦尼兔迎兔年

Playboy girl bold interpretation of passion

The U.S. "Huffington Post" reported on December 27 that Playboy Group has started to lose money in 2007, and its loss in the third quarter of 2010 reached 27.4 million U.S. dollars. Due to the rapid business growth in Asia, the group shifted its focus to Asia. In order to change the negative image that Playboy magazine has created in Asia, it strives to change its direction of development from a pure magazine publisher to a casual and lifestyle brand. Asian consumers really like towels, bed sheets and handbags with Bonnie rabbits. It is estimated that in 2011 its operating income in Asia can account for 34% of global revenue, doubling than two years ago. In 2012, Asia will bring it 20 million U.S. dollars in revenue.

The report also said that as Asia's most dynamic consumer market, China is the focus of Playboy's Asian expansion plan. In 2004, the group wanted to open a club in Shanghai, but the deal was not negotiated. Last month, it signed a $ 50 million five-year contract with a Chinese company to open 2,000 brand stores in China. On November 20, it opens at the Macau Club, a luxurious club decorated with black tiles and dark velvet curtains, with private gambling rooms and panoramic views of Macau. It also plans to build a Playboy Mansion in Macau by 2012.

The article said that in 2011 Chinese Lunar New Year, Bunny rabbit as a symbol of Playboy expansion in China very much. "This is obviously a big attraction for us, our largest and fastest growing market," said Scott Flanders, group president, "I hope we are more welcome in Asia than in the United States." Analysts also believe these efforts will " Get rewarded. "

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