Women often wear boots to guard against hallux valgus

This site, December 28, under normal circumstances, the big toe of the foot should be juxtaposed with the other toes. However, some people's big toes will be skewed toward the little toe, and even cross and overlap with the second toe. This problem is medically referred to as "floating hallux," and folks call it "bigfoot." In life, we often see that there are many women's feet with their thumb roots bulging outwards.

Hallux valgus is hereditary, but acquired factors can also cause hallux valgus. Improper wearing of shoes for a long time is an important factor that causes hallux valgus.

According to statistics, among the patients with hallux valgus, more than 80% are females, and the ratio with male patients is as high as 40:1, which is closely related to women's wear of pointed high-heeled shoes.

A pair of boots that can bring grace to women is a must-have for autumn and winter. It is a good match for all kinds of styles of clothing and it is full of people. Most boots can be high-heeled or over-tipped and over-narrowed shoes. Wearing a back foot is limited, and activities are inconvenient. Another hidden danger is that excessively high heel can cause the center of gravity of the person to move too far forward, and the pressure in the foot can change, which easily leads to deformity of the big toe valgus, which is prone to cause hallux valgus in the "boots syndrome".

Orthopedic experts remind you that women who love beauty are very important: the protection of the feet is very important. The boots should not be too narrow or too sharp. Usually, the height of the heel is 2 to 3 centimeters. Flat heels and high-heeled shoes are worn for rotation, giving the feet a moderate degree of relaxation.

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