Han He industry parties to join hands Union

The "High Value (Hemp) Special Resources Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance" approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology was established on December 27 in Beijing. Du Chau, president of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Zhou Linhe, minister of the Ministry of Materia Medica for Oil and Gas of the PLA General Logistics Department, Li Xinnan, director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the State Science and Technology Commission and Peng Lianming, director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, unveiled the strategic alliance for the newly established Hemp industry. Hemp industry strategic alliance is a technological innovation cooperation organization with industry, education, science, industry, trade and military alliance formed under the support of state industrial policy and under the condition of market economy under the condition of "administration, production, study, research and use". The alliance takes the high value specialty biological resources, especially the sustainable development demand of Chinese hemp plant biological resource industry as our base, and aims to enhance the industrial technological innovation capability and industrialization development of high value specialty biological resources in China. The Alliance will aim at the world advanced level in hemp industry and promote a series of key technologies in such fields as high-value innovation of hemp production technology, processing technology, product development and branding. Organize experts from all walks of industry and alliance members to jointly focus on the industrial strategy of hemp industry Research, high-end technology research, development of key equipment, formulation of technologies and product standards and other innovative topics, and jointly carry out innovative activities. It is understood that in 2011 the main task of the Union is to organize development alliance members according to the development process of related industries and further carry out the construction of Breeding and Breeding Base of fine varieties of hemp and maize, Biological and bioreactor development, Han Ma core pulp 50000 tons / year alkali recovery device development, Anhui Lu'an 100 hectares of hemp technology industrial park construction, construction site of Chinese hemp network, high value of special bio-state Engineering Center and so on.

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