Installation method and precautions for glass ceilings!

[China Glass Net] Glass ceiling is a new type of ceiling material, which is an important ceiling material in the home decoration process. Because glass has the effect of expanding space, if the layer height is not very high, glass mirror can be used as ceiling to reduce space pressure. sense. Because the reflected light of the glass is better, it can build a very good atmosphere, but the glass material is different from other ceiling materials. Because it has a certain weight, if the device is not easy to drop, how to install the glass ceiling? What do you pay attention to?

First, the installation of glass ceiling method

1, adhesive tape method:

This is a commonly used method for installing and fixing glass ceilings. During the installation process, the top surface is keeled with a keel, and then the keel is sealed with a layer of keel. The commonly used ninth blockboard is spliced ​​and then glazed, just in the process of sticking glass. It must be noted that the gap should not be too large, it is better to follow the standard, and try to ensure that the glue at the sticky glass should be flat, and it is better to clean up the excess glue.

2, modeling and pressing method:

After the shape is made with the blockboard, the glass can be placed, and the glass can be fixed by the beading, and the stainless steel plate can be used for fixing.

3, with the nail fixation method:

The nail is fixed and fixed, and the glass ceiling is fixed and fixed on the bottom plate by advertising nails.

Second, precautions before installation

1, the choice of glass material:

There are many kinds of glass, among which the stained glass and sandblasted glass are especially good for decoration, and it is a good material for hanging ceiling. In addition, in order to use safety, it is also a good choice to use safety glass in the ceiling glass and other parts that are easily impacted.

2, the choice of glass thickness:

Not all glass is suitable for the installation of ceilings. It is also important to use glass in glass ceilings because thickness is limited because the glass is self-contained. For safety reasons, the thickness of ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5-8 mm.

3, different space glass ceiling selection:

In addition to the thickness requirements of the installation of glass ceilings, there are certain requirements for the material of different space glass ceilings. Therefore, before installing the glass ceiling, it is necessary to first understand which spaces need to be installed with glass ceilings, such as the ceiling on the bathroom. Painted glass, does not fade, and acts as a mirror to enhance the decorative effect. When using a glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible, because the glass has poor bending resistance and is easy to break.

Third, the precautions during installation

1. Handle the glass plate gently:

Care should be taken to install the glass plate. Do not touch the glass and glass painted film. Wear gloves when handling to prevent scratching.

2, found that cracks need to be strengthened in time:

When installing a glass ceiling, if cracks are found in the glass, temporary reinforcement measures should be taken in time, and replacement should be arranged immediately to avoid major injury.

3. Repair and replace in time:

If the sealant is found to be detached or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. It is necessary to check the load-bearing steel structure regularly in the ceiling. If there is rust, it should be rust-removed. When the glass is found to be loose, it is necessary to find the cause and repair or replace it in time.

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