MQ big eye frog children's clothing - China's top ten children's wear salon brand live broadcast

November 17, a set of new ideas and seek development of the exchange meeting in the beautiful "Licheng" grand held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, "China's top ten children's brand entrepreneurs Sharon" is now the sixth event, this theme Is "Sailing Hail," from the major well-known brand of children's clothing entrepreneurs, have gathered in Quanzhou to discuss the children's clothing industry in the Internet under the development trend, change and upgrade, the new business model and other topics, work together for the industry's benign Advance advice. Mr. Liu Zhao (second from right), chairman of Lamborghini, came to the conference site to explore the future of the children's clothing industry together with the entrepreneurs present. Entrepreneur Salon around the "change" topic for discussion, invited China's top ten children's clothing brand entrepreneurs came to the scene, the brand entrepreneurs express their views on the status of the children's clothing industry and the future development, supply chain management, competition and cooperation, Baotuan attack, resource integration made in-depth discussion, entrepreneurs will their own management experience, the problems encountered in the management process, the gap between management and reality topics, made in-depth discussions and exchanges, there are experts on-site analysis The comprehensive and innovative Salon activities will bring a rich and feast for the present entrepreneurs. Liu Zhaobo, Chairman of Lamborghini, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Speed-Breakthrough Market", which was heatedly discussed by entrepreneurs attending the event. Zhang Hua, Director of Brand Named Large-eyed Frog, listened attentively to entrepreneurs attending the fair. Children's wear entrepreneurs gave speeches Attendants' Home speech for the development of children's wear business, all entrepreneurs work together, happiness on the road! MQ big eye frog children's clothing is full of fashion and trend of children's wear brand, dedicated to show urban children's style, advocate trendy, cool, personalized fashion experience, through the perfect combination of classic fashion and personality black and white, around the "fashion", " Handsome "," dazzling "series to create, give children more self-confidence, more inspiration, more happiness. "Convergent fashion, business dreams," M & Q Big Eye Frog children's clothing will, as always, accompany the children grow up healthily and happily! M & Q Big Eye Frogs invite you to join:

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