Black and white Check Plaid black and white Check how collocation

When you are tired of wearing a solid coat, and occasionally change for a classic and good-looking plaid, will make you seductive and steal the spotlight, have a good mood all day, however, Plaid look good, but also should pay attention to avoid with minefield Oh.

Whether it is a large plaid or a small plaid, visually, Plaid will have a horizontal expansion of the illusion of the body, so in order to properly manage it, in addition to inside to take to be thin, but also the style of the more concise the better.


For example, this classic black and white circle h contour coat, not only comfortable and easy to upper body fabric, and simple style, only black and white box can reveal your elegance and adorable temperament. Exquisite small round neck jacket with a black dress with the same round neck, skirt is high waist, to help you lengthen the lower body ratio, look at the lower part of the black fairy skirt is really very eye-catching Oh, it was thin enough.

黑白格纹外套 黑白格纹怎么搭配

In addition to the fairy skirt above, if you want more intellectual temperament, the extraordinary choice of this little black dress skirt, handmade beaded collar, even more refined little woman taste, waist design, with jacket Very slender and women, this style is definitely the party of choice for a single product.

Photo source: Water Niannual women's clothing

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