Pure thirteen sisterhood to create a happy moment

Founded in 1999, "G-CHIC / Pure Thirteen Sisters " brand is a modern clothing enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, operation and management. In the flourishing golden age of Chinese apparel brand , "G-CHIC / Pure Thirteen Sisters" brand women stand in the market with their unique design style, which is a bold and confident young woman with outstanding design style and distinctive fashion leisure Clothing and accessories.


The designer team of "G-CHIC / Pure Thirteen Sisters" interprets the concept of beauty fashion in a rich design language and subverts the traditional beauty of the feminine beauty that women must have, Bold, confident, independent and unique fashion charm. Asymmetric tailoring design, the effect of nostalgia art, hand-embroidered woven craft, comfortable and easy to wear plate-type structure and a single product can be arbitrarily with the compatibility of all break the routine.

纯十三妹女装 缔造幸福美满瞬间

In the definition of "G-CHIC / Pure Thirteen Sisters," personality is an attitude, a temperament of life, an optimism of life and a joke on all setbacks. Consistently, the brand will be unruly as a strong and open alternative performance, so daring to make products that ignore the laws of fashion, and cherish the life of a variety of wonderful moments of happiness, so the appearance of alternative works is not difficult Discover all the fun and interesting details.

1.The towels use an 100 polyester-polyamide microfibre blend making them soft, non-slip and lightweight.  durable and machine washable. 2.Dramatically reduce carrying weight. No more heavy and chunky towels. Our towels are ultra light and super portable. They easily slip into a bag.3.They are popular for  home, travelling, beach and camping. Perfect as a gift  and Pilates, i.e. friend, boyfriend, girlfriend,etc.4.pringted the logo on the towel as a promotional gift for advertising. 5.100%cotton eco-friendly.

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