Quanzhou Children's Wear Accesses International Fast Fashion Brands

The children's clothing of H&M and ZARA is the favorite of many "grey hotties after 80" because they have a lot of style changes and the design is very fashionable. However, there may be many people who do not know that many of these international brands of children's clothing are produced by children's clothing companies in Quanzhou, Fujian.

Perhaps thanks to such advantages, for many years, local children's clothing companies in Quanzhou have also learned a lot in their cooperation with these companies.

The first is to learn how to find the balance between cost and fashion. H&M's children's wear costs have the highest priority, and styles are not updated quickly. The main pursuit is wearing comfort and demands for fabrics, patterns and accessories. “H&M sent the design drawings to us via email. We first need to confirm it with samples. After the changes are returned, we start to produce prototypes, which are generally more than 20 pieces. Once we have confirmed again, we will proceed with mass production. “Liu Kaiding, director of the Costume Group's fashion design department, said that although this approach is slow, it guarantees the “comfort” of the product and the time is squeezed out from other places.

From the upstream of the supply chain, suppliers of raw materials such as fabrics and dyes are controlled. H&M's raw material suppliers are always on standby in semi-finished products. Once H&M issues production orders, these raw material suppliers are put into production and wasteful time is avoided to the greatest extent.

Different from H&M, “ZARA mainly pursues the fashion sense of children's clothing, so it often has innovations in process technology, color matching, and fabric quality, and has a higher demand for the equipment and raw material suppliers of domestic cooperative companies.” Liu Kaiding introduced. For example, ZARA requires that silk be added to children's wear jeans. Samples will be sent to foundry companies, and raw material suppliers of foundry companies will try to produce them. “If the foundry's raw material provider cannot produce, a single business may not be successful.”

At the same time, because ZARA children's clothing is not inferior to adult clothing, the orders are mainly small ones, and the method of using after-sales orders is mostly used. This requires that cooperative enterprises have the ability to make profits in small orders and can adapt to short-term compensation. “In view of these circumstances, the OEMs in domestic companies mainly choose H&M order keeping costs in large quantities and selectively accept ZARA orders to maintain profit balance.”

As we all know, one of the major characteristics and greatest advantages of international fast fashion brands is the super speed between concept and product conversion. Therefore, domestic children's clothing companies can learn how they can shorten the time of popular transformation. In cooperation with H&M and ZARA, what Liu Kaiding feels most deeply is that domestic companies lack the ability to quickly convert popular releases into production line products. "Foreign companies generally complete the popular conversion on the same day, and domestic companies will take about 1 to 2 months."

"The formation of an information integration agency is the key to achieving a rapid transformation of the epidemic," said a person in charge of the enterprise design department of children's wear. At the H&M headquarters, the design and procurement departments work together. Each design concept has a team of designers, buyers, pattern makers, financial controllers, and department managers. This allows them to start with price, market feedback, and A balance between fashion and style. When the design sketches are available, the information integration platform can distribute the data to the appropriate departments, or even 22 product offices, to determine the appropriate production sites and suppliers. At the same time, H&M's Purchasing Department and Sales Department are able to work closely together because all stores can know each other's sales situation and carry out the goods allocation on the information integration platform; the procurement and logistics department can track the sales and inventory of each product. Easy to replenish in a timely manner.

According to industry experts' forecast, China's “children's clothing fever” will continue in 2012, and the competition among brands is also more intense than ever before. After several years of development, the children’s wear brands in Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong are playing a major role in the domestic market’s local brands, and this may be in close contact with international big brands, and they may continue to summarize their experiences to enrich themselves or more. Less relevance.

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