Hetian jade plate play and maintenance

The so-called “Pan Yu” is a method popularized by the people that enjoys playing jade. Through the Pan Yu, it can make the jade of old and dark color as new and make the color of the jade change greatly. Ancient jade collectors all know Panyu. This is a kind of “work”. Just like a tea ceremony, it is an appreciation and study of certain things. It has reached a realm and has formed a certain degree of stylization.

Close-fitting and well-kept, meticulously caressed, and worn over long days of playing, is like a butterfly struggling through a battle. Jade gradually removed rough shells, restored the spirituality, moisture, and color of the past. The brilliant brilliance bloomed in the palm, and that kind of sense of accomplishment was irreplaceable.

Pan Yu is very particular about the fact that once the dish is not properly crafted, a beautiful jade will be destroyed on his own hands, so collectors are especially cautious when dishing. Liu Datong, a great collector of the Qing Dynasty, clearly put forward the concepts of the dial plate, the plate, and the plate in his book The Ancient Jade Distinguishing. The collectors of the later Qing Dynasty considered it a good idea.

The so-called plate, that is, put a jade in a small cloth inside, close and hidden, with a relatively constant temperature of the human body, after a year later in the hand rub disk to play, until the jade is restored to its true colors. The manuscripts are time-consuming and laborious and often do not work for three to five years. If the time is too long, the playing time is often ten years or even decades. In the history of the Qing Dynasty, there were two generations of fathers and sons and one piece of jade, and the lack of a lifetime of playing with a jade ware was an all-time matter. A jade piece unearthed in the Qing Dynasty was hidden in the Nanjing Museum. It was paved with pulp, bright and moist. Experts estimate that this jade has been played for more than one year (60 years).

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