One hundred new children's clothing European and American style happy childhood

"Bai Bai" (100MARKS) children's clothing, at present in large and medium-sized cities in the country already has more than 190 chain stores and agents. Yi Bai points children's clothing to Europe and the United States-style tone, combined with the needs of children wearing the domestic for 2-6 years of age, the design and development of children's high-end leisure series. The main products in the United States design, domestic production and sales. Yi Bai children's clothing with its excellent workmanship, reasonable market positioning and complete after-sales service has won the love of consumers. The beginning of the new century, our company for the existing domestic students loaded old-fashioned and single, after many aspects of market research, students and students to listen carefully to the views of colleges and universities and suggestions, combined with today's fashion, our company once again put into 680,000 US dollars launched a new "one hundred points" brand student equipment, which filled a gap in the domestic apparel industry ---- brand students loaded. Our aim: well management, sincere service, all for the students! May the "one hundred points" student dress will once again bring you: 100 points of trust, 100 points of satisfaction, 100 points in the future!

The Wedopus brand was founded in 2016, a young business manufacturing ladies fashion footwear, occasion , and Bridal Shoes. We identified that the market place lacked an offering of high fashion yet comfortable bridal collection. Therefore in 2016 with this key objective, the brand Wedopus was born.  

Wedge Heel Wedding Shoes, chunky heel make you not tired on your big day. 

We are a comprehensive bridal & occasionwear collection offering a broad variety of styles to consolidate consumer tastes and budget. Therefore allowing our retailers to enjoy a fast, effective and profitable buying experience. Comfort technology is paramount to us, with comfort pads, memory foam cushioning, and breathable lining at the forefront of our designs. In addition to this, We supply for a series of customized service, such as heel, color, decoration,  so all of our customers have the choice of having their shoes dyed if they wish!

We are Wedopus, and we hope you enjoy our collections!

Wedge Heel

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