The most complete in history - no easy way to identify fabrics

There are two ways to effectively identify fabrics:
One is the perception method, and the other is the signage identification method.

Sensory recognition method:
The sensory method requires some experience, but it is not difficult to do so, as long as the usual shopping mall touches a variety of fabrics, it will be harvested over time.

Identification of silk and rayon by feel:
The silk feels soft and elastic, and it has a silky sound and a cool sensation when lightly kneaded, while the rayon has a rough feel and a cool and cold feeling. )
The gloss of the silk is softer, brighter and not dazzling; the gloss of the rayon is similar to metal.
Grasp the fabric and let go, the silk folds less than the rayon.
Drop the water on the fabric, rub the rayon by hand to break it, and the silk is firmer.

Distinguish the various fibers by the sensory method:
Fiber/feeling characteristics Cotton is soft, flexible, and easy to wrinkle.
Hemp feels rough and often has flaws.
The silk is shiny, soft and light, with a shriek sound and a cool feeling when squeezed.
Wool is flexible, soft and shiny, it feels warm and does not wrinkle.
Polyester is elastic, smooth, strong, stiff, and cool.
Nylon is not easy to pull off, elastic, smooth, light texture, not as soft as silk.
Vinylon is similar to cotton, and its luster is dark. It is not as soft as cotton and has poor elasticity and wrinkles.
Acrylic warmth, strength, lighter than cotton, soft and fluffy.
Viscose fiber is softer than cotton, and its surface gloss is stronger than cotton, but its fastness is not good. ;
After the cotton fabric burns, it will not play, and it will become powdery when it is pressed by hand.
Cotton: Advantages: sweat-absorbent, breathable, soft, sensitive, easy to clean, easy to lift the ball.
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, easily deformed. Pure cotton woven fabric is made of cotton as raw material, through the loom, the warp and weft yarns are interweaved by vertical and horizontal weaving.

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