[Kadin Children's Star News] Kadin won the "Top Ten children's shoes brand," Mad win two prize winner

November 22, "convergence of classic brand win-win future" as the theme of the HC HC 2013-2014 annual Chinese footwear industry brand awards ceremony held in Fujian Jinlong Baolong Hotel grand opening. Cardin brand won the 2013-2014 annual "Top Ten children's shoes brand" title, brand marketing director Zhu Shaoxiong doing my part to win the "Hercynian ten professional managers" title. As a well-known brand in the children's products industry, especially in the children's shoes industry, Cardin shines at this brand gala and has won the praise of experts and industry peers as the big winner at this grand event. Kadin brand won the "Top Ten children's shoes brand" Following 2011, 2013 won the "Top Ten children's shoes brand", Kadan redouble their efforts to defend the 2013-2014 annual "Top Ten children's shoes brand" honor, gratifying! As a leader in the children's shoes and apparel industry, Cardin brand has won the recognition and favor of consumers as a result of excellent product quality, trendy and fashionable product design and innovative unique product concept. Kadin's children's shoes are widely acclaimed, nano-silver ion antibacterial technology, nano-waterproof breathable shoes and other patented technologies, so that consumers can fully enjoy the Kadin technology innovation brings comfortable, healthy and safe wearing experience. In 2014, Kadin Co., Ltd. achieved the ultimate in quality, environmental protection and health. According to the principle of ergonomics, Kadin Co., Ltd. developed a full-featured Kadin "Performance Shoes" that fully matches the walking conditions of children through the footsteps and walking styles of children. Children's shoes fully popular market! Cardin products "excellence, heavy weight," realistic and pragmatic attitude of consumers "value for money, quality assurance," the actual action so that "Cardin manufacturing" as the children's shoes and apparel in the field of new benchmark! Top 10, deserved! Zhu Shaoxiong won the "Haixi ten professional managers" Kadin brand marketing director Mr. Zhu Shaoxiong with outstanding management ability and personal charisma, won the "Haixi ten professional managers" reputation, congratulations! Many shoe-making enterprises in Fujian Province have been leading the industry. Based on Hercynian, focus on the world, affect the Hercynian Xiefu industry top ten professional managers based on this selection activities. Promote Haixi shoes industry outstanding professional managers take root in the industry, for the development of Hercynian to make a great contribution to the goal, to find talent, tap talent, commendable excellence is the "Hercynian ten professional managers," the purpose. Mr. Zhu Shaoxiong has 20 years of management experience. He has rich human resources and management experience in marketing strategy management, product planning, display promotion and structure combination. Especially, he has more than 10 years of planning, organizing, Leadership, management, operating experience. After joining Karting, it is more professional ability to support fully committed to Kadin brand marketing operations, contribute to the development of a brand. Excellent business can not do without each outstanding individual! Director Zhu has previously passed the national level professional managers qualification certification, is now won the "Hercynian Ten professional managers" title in the marketing of the Kadin brand also achieved remarkable results, the award was true Go back! PS: The Chinese footwear brand appraisal is an annual event in the footwear industry, Hosted by HC shoes. Competition online and offline registration, web voting form, from July 1 registration, the screening, top 50, top 30 check, expert review and other competitions after the 2013-2014 Top Ten children's shoes Brand, Hercynian Ten professional managers and other awards announced at the scene one by one. Shoe industry experts, leaders of relevant associations, industry players and professional buyers attended the awards ceremony to jointly witness the birth of awards.

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