Rou Yang sculpting underwear to help you shape a good body!

For many women, winter is a long flesh season, because cold weather, physical activity will also be reduced, natural meat "emerged", how to do? Of course, it is possible to lose weight, but it will take a long time to accumulate, the effect will be significant. In fact, for women, body sculpting underwear is one of the thin weapon. Today small for everyone to recommend two Mrs Yang brand shapewear, let you reshape the body curve, so good posture to show up, with a look!


This silver-white body sculpting underwear, elegant fashion embroidery, with V-style, stylish and good looking, and can be a good set off the beautiful lines, and even the bust underwear tight tight waist, belly and belly Belly, so that the chest appears tall, slender waist slender. Can also help you get rid of bad habits, improve body shape. Such as humpback, chest sagging, chest flat, prominent appetite, bucket waist, fat buttocks, buttocks, thick thighs, radish legs and so on.

柔漾塑身内衣 帮你塑造好身材!

This black body sculpting underwear, a unique breast cup lace decoration can better accommodate the chest, to solve the problem of the cup does not obey, bringing no trace of the positive effect, and this body sculpting underwear, even plump women will not wear Chest pressure oh!

Rubber Suction Cup

Silicone Suction Cup, also known as vacuum suction cup, Vacuum Cup, Bellows Suction Cups & Vacuum Suction Pads, which are made from elastomeric material flexible & shape-changeable, and create a seal strong enough to support the required loads. Vacuum Suction Cups mainly manufactured by rubber compression & injection molding or LSR injection molding.

Rubber Vacuum Suction Cup,Custom Rubber Suction Cup,Silicone Suction Cup,Rubber Bellows Sucker

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