Fudian women's "Rose" magazine models autumn and winter new popular 2014

Faipian has clearly remembered entering the city of fashion - New York is a bit of a drip, it is a pleasant surprise in the blend of Chardonnay and New York charm, but also a discovery journey in style. In December, "Rose" recorded the footsteps of the exploration in the city. Today, let us follow the "Rose" to relive the time in the city of New York to awaken the modern soul in memory, so that even the cold winter day You can feel warm like spring.

Dalin, a “Chinese girl” in Handan, came to New York, full of fashion. After the dress, Miss Xu Lin can lead the fashion spotlight both in the gorgeous fashion show and in the modern streets of New York. From the majestic Brooklyn Bridge to the eclectic "back garden" - Central Park, from the glorious history of Washington to the bustling Times Square, to the Central Railway Station, which has been baptized for centuries, the British romance and urbanity Fashion mix and match style is like an elegant melody, graceful and classic, intriguing.


The undefeated, pretty wave shirts, simple atmospheric pleated high waist skirts, and the crowning touch of British style hats make Ms. Xu Lin easily become the focus of thousands of people on the show floor.


The elegant and elegant retro-printing dress is the best way to pay tribute to Washington, which is full of cultural history.


Eye-catching contrast coat with vintage shirt and minimalist shorts, swim in the world's largest central station, emitting a Queen-like gas field.

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