Online shopping and Tian Yu’s heart are not in the mood

Just last week, a Tibetan friend in the city did not press his inner anxiousness. In 20 minutes, he grabbed four white and tender Hetian jade seeds in a net auction. If the story only comes here, there may be a happy ending. The reality is cruel, and the four brands that Tibetan friends have gotten are not as they wished, and the materials are not right and the carvings are made. There is also a key point. The Tibetan friends took the four brands and spent more than 20,000 yuan.

One yuan beats the heart for a heartache

Although it is very inhuman, it has to start with the experience of this grief-stricken Tibetan friend (referred to as Tibetan A).

More than 10 days ago, Zangyou A entered the online shop and Tian Yuyiyuan shooting activity while spending time online. The "Gao Da Shang" activity immediately attracted the attention of Tibetan friends.

There is no reserve price for the one-shot event. The price increase for each price is one yuan or one multiple of one dollar, giving a feeling that the transaction price will be very close to the people. The collections taken during the event also looked very white, oily and styling. The seller described the lot as "Hetian jade", some high-end goods and "lean white" description, and said that if the "hetian jade" or description is not true, the seller refunds the original price and compensates for the loss, which seems to be able to dispel the buyer. All concerns.

Zangyou A moved his heart and “listed” his favorite collections, and took four brands at a price of at least 3,000 yuan and a maximum of 6,000 yuan, totaling more than 20,000 yuan. After the "home Taobao" column identification experts collectively identified, these four brands are not in the traditional sense of Hetian jade, but Russian materials, Qinghai materials, and even Korean materials, Tibetan friends A's bid has been much higher than these jade Normal market price. After the Tibetan friends, they applied for a refund to the seller, and they suffered all kinds of martyrdom.

The expert experiment was not as good as you thought.

The encounter of Tibetan Friends A on the Internet without a reserve price is definitely not an isolated case. In fact, as early as seven or eight years ago, the reporter organized a column identification expert to conduct a test shot for different sellers. At the time, the test shots had proved that the reliability of Hetian jade on a certain online store was not high.

Judging from the situation summarized at the time, there are five main problems in the online shooting of Tian Yu and Yu Yuan. First, confuse the place of origin. The seller marked Hetian jade, but it is not the narrow Hetian jade in the traditional understanding, but the generalized Hetian jade in the current national standard. Second, the carvings are mainly based on non-Wada seeds. Most of the jade pieces that have been carved are Russian materials, Qinghai materials, Korean materials, and even some are scraps and dyed mountain materials. Third, the quality of the original seeds is generally low. In the raw material auction of raw materials, the quality of the original stone is poor, many of which are unintentional waste materials, and some artificial seed materials. Fourth, do not fully display the lot. The introduction of the lot is mainly based on pictures, but the picture cannot fully reflect the actual situation of the object due to the angle problem, and many defects are covered up. The jade inside the jade cannot be accurately described by photos and texts, and buyers cannot really understand the situation of jade. Fifth, there is a "trust" to the bottom. It seems that the lively unreserved price is a one-dollar shoot. In fact, many shooters have sellers’ own trumpet, or the professional “trust” that they invited. In the auction, these "trust" will not stop the price until the price reaches the standard.

Experience gains are a bit difficult

When many Tibetan friends participated in the one-dollar auction of Hetian jade, they did not really read the seller's auction rules, and they did not find any tricks.

Judging from the experience of test shooting, many sellers have designed rules that are not conducive to buyers at the auction. For example, “rough, scar, asbestos, crack-like jade ribs on jade are not among the quality problems of the products, no Counting, do not accept the medium and bad reviews and returns for this reason." Some sellers even pointed out that "after the successful shooting, the goods do not bargain, do not close any transactions", "the auction items are not returned ... once the bid is approved the store's auction rules." Even if some sellers write "the store baby truthfully described, because the description is not true buyers can return," the buyer wants to return the goods is not easy, because the buyer must confirm that the seller has a description of the wrong place. If the buyer wants to prove that he is not buying Hetian jade, he needs to provide the seller with the identification certificate, and all the formal appraisal agencies will identify the jade stone such as Russian material, Qinghai material and Korean material as Hetian jade according to the national standard. Therefore, the buyer absolutely cannot obtain an authoritative identification certificate to prove that there is a problem with the origin of jade. Similar to the pores and engravings on the jade, even if the buyer feels that there are problems with the pores and engravings, he will never be able to prove his opinion by authoritative identification. As a result, buyers can only eat dumb losses, or can only use the bad reviews to "discharge".

Online shopping jade traps

One yuan is only a means of selling jade jewelry and collections online. The jade jewelry on the Internet and the sales of the collections are not limited to one yuan. In fact, in the online sales of jade, there are often problems of one kind or another, and “the fairy tales” is the most prominent one.

The so-called "God Immortal" is the seller to beautify the picture through various means, cover up the jade of jade, improve the quality of jade, and make the buyer have an illusion of jade. Whether it is Hetian jade, jade, or other jade, color is the most problematic aspect of "Shen Xing Zhao". For example, the most authentic color of Hetian jade white jade seeds is sheep fat white. Some sellers will ps the picture, or increase the jade whiteness by means of technical means, or choose a dark background, and "modify" the jade with a bad color into "shallow white".

If you want to buy jade online, you must confirm the authenticity of the product image before you start. The seller does not necessarily handle all the products in ps, nor is it true that all sellers are ps masters, so look at the background color of the picture is not distorted, whether it is too white or too bright, there is no grease, etc. These are the most basic identification s method.

Really Xinjiang's Hetian jade, merchants will highlight the origin of the goods in the introduction, while neglecting the origin, over-emphasis of the goods is the concept of Hetian jade. If the product introduction is a seed material, you can pay attention to the sales volume and inventory of this product. If the sales volume of a piece of seed material is dozens or hundreds, then you should be careful to buy it. In addition, before buying jade online, you must determine whether the online store has "no reason to return" and other guarantees. If you can't return it without reason, you shouldn't easily use valuables.

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