Chu Court TRUGIRL2014 Winter: delicate fur life struck

As the night gets longer and longer, the coldness in winter has been eyeing in the corner. People unconsciously to the cardigan, sweater, wool socks, these comfortable warm body slowly move closer.

楚阁 - TRUGIRL 楚阁TRUGIRL2014冬装:精致皮草生活来袭

Escape from the black dark color coat single product, exquisite fur interpretation of the unique petty bourgeoisie life. Fur is what every woman must have! A fur upper body can be the beauty of the Queen's imposing and delicate appearance!

楚阁TRUGIRL2014冬装:精致皮草生活来袭 楚阁TRUGIRL2014冬装:精致皮草生活来袭

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL 's women 's Chu Weiwei TRUVIVI2014 winter new series of collections, or elegant, or fresh girl, or domineering Royal sister, each with a dress style, all highlights the woman's temperament in the love of life, are leading the lead Women catch up with trendy fashion.

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