2014 autumn and winter new down jacket down jacket choose what style look good

Cold winter, how can this Down Jacket this cold thing! Not to mention people have long been out of the bloated, ugly image, is now an insurmountable fashion leader list. If you dislike the down jacket does not look good, it is certainly you do not wear. Do not talk nonsense, or take a look at the fashion of the fashion it, learn from twelve, this winter you no longer have to worry about it.

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This orange-colored down jacket, although generally not particularly prominent place, the same hooded, waist version and simple zipper cardigan, but the splicing is very eye-catching hem, oblique stitching in the Visually significant thin effect, can make your hips curve looks less bloated, more slim and thin.

2014秋冬新款羽绒服 羽绒服选什么款式好看

And this one, it is down jacket and coats made a stitching, dark green material and shallow khaki feather fabric splicing, to create a false two-piece illusion, can be said to completely subvert the previous image of down jacket, but But also will not affect the warmth of the whole clothes, with such an artifact you are afraid of the winter temperature and grace can not have both?

Photo Source: Amoy concept women

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