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Autumn cool has come unknowingly, the weather ye cold light, a soft gentle gentle knit cardigan is that you are essential. Whether it is solid or mottled, whether it is a thick needle or a thin needle, whether it is loose or self-cultivation, each season's styles are constantly refurbished, inevitably streaky, low-key warmth has not changed.

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Warm and soft short knit cardigan is an essential autumn single product, gray gray knee-length skirt short black knit cardigan, revealing slim legs, matched with a homogeneous knit scarf, so you look gentle and elegant Generous! With a long sweater with long skirts, because of the long cardigan dress and have a lazy feeling, then deduced another kind of fashion exotic style.

针织开衫款式有哪些 针织开衫怎么搭配

Take a look at the inevitable ANYALL type "pants" girl is how with the knit single product: whether it is Asakusa green or black knit cardigan with white primer shirt + black Slim pants neat dress up appearance, the classic simple and easy to rate . A real man wearing a sweater, stitch of the color of the greeting, the cold warmth but still cold early autumn is no longer embarrassed.

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