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In China, red is synonymous with festivals. Not only is it necessary to wear red Underwear in this life year, but also red underwear when it is married. This is a folk custom since ancient times, which reflects people's good wishes and aspirations. Xiao Bian today Brides are recommended two stylish red underwear, to improve your body type, bring out the beautiful lines, so that looks more perfect.


This red underwear, with red knit embroidery petals stack showing an elegant charm, with 3/4 cup models, always keep the chest gathered, wide side and lying, and a good support Function, has excellent comfort, so that the chest free and unrestrained, bring a sense of ease without wearing experience. And with the red dress with, you can make the advantages more prominent, shortcomings try to cover, make the figure look more perfect.

红色内衣 新娘必备的性感内衣

Slightly mature style of the red underwear, deep V models, coupled with the shoulder strap derived cup design, as well as the fashion embellishment of the atmosphere, people tempting, wear the perfect fitting the chest curve, let you Feel relaxed and comfortable pleasure.

Image Source: Fiber Yi Yuan brand underwear

Cotton T-shirt

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