The most popular fashion elements of the season: Givenchy Gypsophila Print Series Recommended

This season's most popular popular fashion elements, Givenchy's starry printing series is definitely the best choice. The white starry flower is embellished with pearls to create a stereoscopic visual effect, creating a striking new fashion detail.

In Italy, the home of creative director Ric cardo Tisci, the stars of Gypsophila are always used in weddings and Catholic ceremonies. The pious and romantic Gypsophila also has a very beautiful name - baby's breath. The gypsophila flower represents "thinking, true love, and pure heart." In this season's collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, creative director Riccardo Tisci blends paint mottled and gypsophila floral prints as design inspiration. The combination of innocence and modern elegant fashion creates a new exclusive visual experience and a deep picture. And romantic Givenchy image.

For the fashion world, Givenchy's style will always be on the top of fashion and lead the fashion trend. As the main creative inspiration for men's wear in spring and summer, Gypsophila is widely used in clothing. Windbreaker jackets neatly cut, simple and clean lines, a large area of ​​starry printing and dyeing, small and densely in full bloom, so that the original boring windbreaker into the elegance of the street fashion, it is impossible to refuse. The color of the shirt is dominated by black and white. The gypsophila's laying makes the overall visual full of tension, full of interest, and instills a touch of style.

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