What is the color of the living room curtains

What is the color of the living room curtains

First: Warm-colored curtains The living room is decorated with warm-tone curtains that give people a sense of hospitality. If they are decorated with mesh curtains, the warm-colored curtains can give people an elegant, demure, and warm aesthetic.

Second: the choice of the living room curtain color 1, the living room curtain color should be close to the ground, such as the ground is purple, the curtain can choose pink, pink and other similar to the color of the ground, but can not be stereotyped, such as smaller rooms, The chestnut red floor, and the use of chestnut-red curtains, will make the room narrow.

Therefore, when the local surface with the furniture color contrast is strong, you can choose the ground color as the center; when the ground color and the furniture color contrast is weak, you can choose the furniture color as the center;

2, if the ground color and furniture color can not be used as a reference, but also according to the light color to choose color, orange warm light system, can be used with rice white, fruit green and other cool colors, milky neutral light, Optional beige, light coffee, pink and other warm colors.

In addition, dissonant coloring is especially avoided when choosing. In general, red, green, blue, red, blue, and yellow are not coordinated.

3, the lower floor of the cottage can use strong contrast curtains, the use of color contrast to change the structure of indoor depression. If your current curtain is only a monochrome system, you can also use it to change it. Select 15 cm wide fabric strips, crease them at a certain distance, and stitch them to the edges of the curtains. The homemade lace adds a surprise to the home.

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