Jacket + jacket with, TITI women's contract

As time goes on, Autumn is coming closer and closer to us. Late autumn let us a little parry, a fall has become a must-have for everyone. TITI Women's 2014 autumn and winter new series, to give you a real fall dress you belong. Interested MM hurry up right now.


In the fall, we can still wear your favorite dresses. TITI skirt series, long-sleeved design, shirt collar, plaid or printing, everything. If you feel a bit cold, you can also be matched with a candy-colored jacket. Warm and cold control, do not have to worry about this autumn mix and match season, how to wear the problem.


In TITI womenswear, there will be a lot of jackets to match your dresses. Collar, collarless, pure color or stitching color or plaid, etc., as well as long section, short section and so on. As long as you can think of TITI women will be able to meet your needs. Jacket + jacket with, TITI women's contract.

Kids Dress Embroidery Fabric

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Elegant Beads Embroidery

We always shipp them to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.And most of these designs are designed by ourselves

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